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Beauty Makeup

My Spring Capsule Makeup Collection

capsule makeup

This past Winter I decided to try creating a capsule makeup collection, and I loved the effect so much that I repeated the idea for Spring. By creating a small collection for use during a single season, I found myself going through my makeup stash and using more of my collection. I purchased the Narsissist Loaded Palette at the end of Winter, and knew that I wanted to focus on using that palette to its fullest potential this Spring. Also,…

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Beauty Hair Care Wash n Go Series

ECO Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel | The Wash N Go Series

eco style black

To begin this summer’s wash and go series, we have the ECO Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel. I asked in a few video’s and on Facebook which of the ECO Styler gel’s viewers would like to see, and this one received a vote from several folks. The ECO Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel is one of the newest product in the ECOCO Inc. lineup. It contains two ingredients that most naturals love, does not contain alcohol…

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Giveaway! | Shiseido, Lancome, Clinique


I do Youtube videos to represent the type 4 naturals out there, so I rarely pay attention to my subscriber count. However, last week I realized that I passed 2,000 subscribers. Accordingly, I decided to do a giveaway in appreciation for all those who watch and comment on my videos. I truly appreciate the comments that encourage me and give suggestions for products to try and that are just positive. Personally, on my channel, the positive commenters FAR outweigh the…

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Hair Care Review Styling

Top 5 Leave-In Moisturizers for The Best Wash and Go | Type 4 Natural Hair

top 5 wash and go

In my last video I asked if anyone would like me to do a video on my favorite leave-in moisturizers for achieving an ultra defined wash and go. I received a resounding yes, so this week I am discussing my top 5 leave-in moisturizers for your best wash and go. I have type four natural hair, which means I am looking for my moisturizer to not only provide hydration to my strands, but also clumping, and hold if possible. Please be…

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How To: Daily Wash and Go Maintenance | Refresh, Moisturize, and Style

wash and go maintenance

I am often asked how I maintain my wash and go, and keep it looking fresh all week long. I have previously recorded a video on this topic, but I thought it was time for an updated routine. For my wash and go maintenance routine, I like to keep things simple and easy. The goal is to preserve my curls for five days straight and still have enough moisture and movement in my hair to re-style until my next wash…

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