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Banding My Wash And Go | Type 4 Natural Hair


Believe it or not I have never tried banding my wash and go. I usually band my hair to stretch it when I want maximum stretch for a style on dry hair. It’s about time I gave banding my wash and go a try. I stretch my curls for styling purposes, and so that as my hair gets dry it isn’t allowed to shrink and tangle. Shrunken dry hair is tangle city for me. Take A Look I kept the…

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Six Deep Conditioners With Protein for Low Porosity Natural Hair


Over the last couple of years I have learned how important it is to use protein as part of my hair care routine. I find that frequently using dedicated protein treatments isn’t necessary. Instead, I try to regularly use deep conditioners with protein for my low hair. I choose to rotate between the use of moisturizing deep conditioners and conditioners with protein. Since I began adding protein to my routine frequently, my hair is thriving. I know that a good…

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2017 Summer Empties – Mini Product Reviews

Summer empties

My summer empties were abundant this year. This no buy had me using up many products. Plus, I had several products that were almost gone before summer hit. As usual, I found it more useful to evaluate the products again once I finished using them. Take A Look In the video I give a short review of each product, talk about my favorites, and whether or not I would repurchase each product. I love doing these videos because my opinion…

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Six Moisturizing Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

deep conditioenr

I am a self professed deep conditioner junkie. When I try a new product line, I am mostly likely to purchase the deep conditioner first. Then I decide whether or not to try the rest of the products. Yep, its that serious. Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links. Β This does not cost you any extra when you make a…

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Mineral Oil… Sulfates… Silicones and Natural Hair

Mineral Oil

In my hair care journey, there are certain ingredients I have learned to stay away from. While others, I have learned are fine to use in moderation. The biggest three of those ingredients are mineral oil, sulfates, and silicones. Take A Look There are many resources that state the issues with mineral oil, sulfates, and silicones. However, experience with the ingredients is what I base my assertions on. Check out the video for more details: Mineral Oil… Sulfates… Silicones Mineral…

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