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My Year Long Fitness Plan | Fit Friday

fitness plan

I have health and body goals, so I put together a Year Long Fitness Plan for success. Fitness is not the most important component of weight loss, but it counts. Of course I could just eat healthy to loose the weight, but I want a toned physique. Thus, this plan is purely about looks. I will focus on the food component in another blog post. The Fitness Plan When I decided to create this plan, I took into account my…

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Life Organization Planner

2018 Planner Setup – Organization, Tracking, Planning

2018 planner setup

After my Inkwell Press Walkthrough video, I was asked by many to share my 2018 Planner Setup. Instead of creating a video, I decided to write about my process. I use my Inkwell Press LiveWell Classic planner to organize my life and track the progress of my goals. Included in my productivity system is Google Calendar and travelers notebooks for the Getting Things Done method. I will go into more detail on my productivity system at a later date. Today,…

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Fit Friday Life

2018 Opening Stats | Fit Friday

2018 weight

It’s taken me all day to publish this post because its embarrassing, but here we go. In 2018, I would like to loose 25 lbs because I gained 10 pounds in the last quarter of the year along with other weight I had been carrying all year. I have always been an emotional eater, and although I was disciplined with my exercise, food matters. When trying to loose or maintain weight, it is essential that you eat decently. I know…

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3-Step Method for Building A Healthy Hair Care Regimen | Tip Tuesday

curl & wave gel

To begin the year, I decided to share my tried and true method for healthy hair care. The majority of people focus all of their hair care efforts on wash day, but a regimen is more than that. Having a good wash day routine is definitely key to healthy hair, but how you style and maintain your hair are just as important. How To Build A Hair Regimen There is no one size fits all hair regimen. My three step…

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Life Projects

One Little Word 2018 | Do

one little word 2018

Last year I discovered One Little Word. It is a year long journaling project in which you select one word to focus on for the year. In 2017, my word was Focus. My One Little Word for 2018 is Do. One Little Word 2018 I chose Do because there are so many things I want to accomplish this year. As a result, I could easily become paralyzed or overwhelmed. Also, the idea is to remind myself to “jump.” To not…

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