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10 Things I Will Miss About Colorado

10 things about colorado

This week I will wrap up my Internship in Colorado after 10 jam packed weeks. I’ve attended/worked 20 odd orchestra concerts, a black tie gala, and even hiked and ran mountains. My Internship was 6-7 days a week, all day every day. I learned so very much this summer, and I know I will miss at least ten things about Colorado when my plane takes off later this week.

10 Things I Will Miss About Colorado

  1. Dry weather: The skin on my body pretty much hates this weather, BUT my I have had the best hair days of my life, and acne is practically nonexistent as my oily skin isn’t supercharged by heat and humidity.
  2. Mountains: It is freakin’ gorgeous up here! I’ve woken up to gorgeous mountain views each and every morning, plus I’ve lived 10 weeks in high humidity.
  3. Cool weather: I haven’t experienced a temperature over 80 degrees since I arrived! The fact that I am going to over 100 degree Florida weather has not escaped my notice, and I know I will miss these mild temperatures the moment I step off of the plane in Florida.
  4. Food: I have been absolutely spoiled up here (which my waist line does reflect). Though I have been exercising, I have rarely eaten at my condo due to dinner’s with my supervisor, host families, and restaurant hopping. More on my detox and weight loss plan next week.
  5. Small town charm: I am in a small town with three stop lights and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, I enjoy walking or cycling everywhere, and although I will be happy to go home, I will miss the charm of this small town.
  6. Dogs galore: I will definitely miss the four dogs that reside in my office each week. There is something especially therapeutic about a dog greeting you in the morning and wandering into your office every couple of hours for a little loving. After working here, I feel that more offices should allow owners to bring their pets to work.
  7. The wildlife: I do enjoy the outdoors, and one of the best things about hiking and living up here is the beautiful animals I get to see each day. Yesterday I watched a fox scourge for food not more than 5 feet away from me! I’ve seen the beauty of bison, the cashmere from goats, and heard stores about moose.
  8. Hospitality: I have not met with an ounce of hostility since I arrived. Everywhere I go, people are kind, they walk with joy, and have just been so generous that I will not forget this experience.
  9. New Friends:  I have made many new friends in my work colleagues and we have worked so well together as a team. I can honestly say that I have learned from every member of the staff as well as the other interns. Though I may not see many of the people I meet again, I will continue to follow their careers and wish them much success in the future.
  10. The Mentors: My supervisor is an amazing colleague and I look forward to implementing all that she has taught me. I have learned so much just by working, and I will take all that I have learned back to my second year of my Arts Administration degree. I have also acquired a priceless mentor in the former female board president of the organization. My dinners with her over the course of the summer have taught me more than I ever could have expected.

This will be my last post from Colorado, and though I will miss this place, I have started planning what I will do when I return to Sunny, Hot, Humid Florida!

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