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$20 Curly Hair Routine Challenge | Type 4 Natural Hair

$20 Curly Hair Routine

I use quite a few expensive products in my regular hair care routine, so when I was challenged to create a $20 Curly Hair Routine I accepted. When I first went natural back in 2004, all we had were cheap products or a good diy product. Now, the market is saturated and its easy to forget that haircare doesn’t have to be expensive

It was important to me to do this challenge with other type 4 naturals out there to show that its possible for ALL hair types to keep it frugal. Thus, I partnered with three other beautiful naturalistas and challenged them to come up with a $20 curly hair routine. Including KandidKins, Jonellesequiraxo, and NaturallyMani.

$20 Curly Hair Routine

There were many options for trying to meet the challenge requirements, and I made sure to start with the place where I knew I could get cheap products….Walmart. I initially went to Walmart to get the best deal on the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo, but once I arrived I realized the product didn’t meet my requirements. More about that in the video below:

With my budget, I knew I couldn’t get products over $5.99, and that was pushing it! At that price point, the challenge wasn’t nearly as easy as I initially thought it would be. So many of the natural hair products I used back in the day had different ingredients, or the prices for the products changed.

Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase.  I very much appreciate your support of this blog in doing so!

My picks

Of course, the main reasons why it wasn’t easy was because of my criteria and because I wanted to score five products for $20. I knew I could skip rinse out conditioner, but I really did want to find products that fit my normal routine. There was no way I could afford oils on this budget, so I didn’t want to skimp on anything else. I ended up with:

Cantu for Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo
Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner
Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner
Cantu for Naturals Leave-In Conditioning Cream
Ampro Pro Styl Olive Oil Gel

By the end, I was quite happy with my purchases, and definitely do not mind adding these products to my arsenal. The Suave was such a pleasant surprise, and Ampro definitely came to the rescue at the second cheapest price point.


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