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2018 Planner Setup – Organization, Tracking, Planning

2018 planner setup

After my Inkwell Press Walkthrough video, I was asked by many to share my 2018 Planner Setup. Instead of creating a video, I decided to write about my process. I use my Inkwell Press LiveWell Classic planner to organize my life and track the progress of my goals. Included in my productivity system is Google Calendar and travelers notebooks for the Getting Things Done method. I will go into more detail on my productivity system at a later date. Today, let’s look at my 2018 planner setup.


My planner helps me stay organized by providing a space for me to put all my tasks in one place. This includes my cleaning schedule, workout schedule, and day to day to do’s. The monthly section provides an overview of events an social obligations. In the weekly section, every week, I sit down to organize my life. The planner allows me to think through all that I need to accomplish and to set designated days to achieve these tasks. I also prioritize three tasks every day. By choosing three, I take away the paralysis that can occur by looking at a long to do list. Instead, if I accomplish those three items, I had a successful day.

2018 planner setup

I also include daily tasks, labeled today, and other tasks that I want to accomplish each day. To keep this process creative, I use stencils to add decoration as I see fit. It’s completely unnecessary, but I do enjoy that bit of creative processing every day. Yes, I plan every night, and do one large planning session to create a running list of tasks each weekend.


One of the reasons I love the Inkwell Press planner, is because of all the included pages that allow me to track other necessary aspects of life. This year I created a weight loss tracker, books I’ve read tracker, and a routines tracker. Instead of creating a household binder, or having various means for tracking those things, my planner can house it all. Plus, I enjoyed creating these trackers in the back notes section of my planner.

2018 planner setup

Not pictured, but also tracked in my planner, is my financials. I keep track of my bills, debt, and expenses in my planner. This information is kept in the Important Dates Section at the front of the planner, on the notes pages included after each month, and in the back notes pages. Tracking my finances provides me with peace of mind, as well as control. Budgeting is key to financial success, and tracking my expenses forces accountability.

2018 planner setup


Both the organization and tracking aspects of my planner setup involve planning. However, goal setting and planning is the central reason I own an Inkwell Press Planner. The IWP includes many places to write down and track goals. I love the monthly mission board, which includes a plan ahead and habit tracker section. By writing down my goals, planning quarterly, weekly, and ultimately daily, I am achieving my goals. I even use the weekly focus section to plan my meals for weight loss success.

I created a five year plan late 2017, and used that to create goals for 2018. This could have been my point of departure, but to truly achieve said goals, the IWP helps me break them into manageable chunks. I have the big picture in mind, but my focus is on 12 weeks. Of course I have researched other planners, but for now the IWP provides me planner peace.

2018 Planner Setup

It took me several hours to setup my planner, but it was worth every moment. I truly feel prepared to tackle this year, and so far my planner setup is working for me. To create my trackers, I used stencils and colored pencils. For my weekly setup, I use Staedler Markers and stencils. My planner is the InkwellPress LiveWell Coil Free Weekly/Monthly Classic Planner, but there is also a Horizontal (Flex) Layout.

Be sure to check out my January vlog later this month for a real time look at my planner setup.

What planning system are you using for 2018?

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