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3-Step Method for Building A Healthy Hair Care Regimen | Tip Tuesday

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To begin the year, I decided to share my tried and true method for healthy hair care. The majority of people focus all of their hair care efforts on wash day, but a regimen is more than that. Having a good wash day routine is definitely key to healthy hair, but how you style and maintain your hair are just as important.

How To Build A Hair Regimen

There is no one size fits all hair regimen. My three step method is geared toward helping you discover what your hair needs. Check out the video below for more info:

3-Step Method for Healthy Hair Care

When I decided to discover the best techniques and products for my hair, I went back to a simple basic regimen. I focused on technique, and kept my styling and products simple. To build a hair care regimen it is important to really learn about your hair’s specific needs.

To try various techniques, try to not use more than five products in your entire regimen. This includes oils and powders. Trying too many products at once can distract you from mastering the techniques that will essentially lead to easy, healthy hair care.

After I understood how to cleanse, condition, and moisturize my hair, I was able to get the full benefits of pre-shampoo treatments. I was able to practice styling my hair in various ways. Now, I get to play with product, all while understanding when my hair needs a break, and how these products truly effect my strands (aka thorough reviews).

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