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4 Year’s Post Relaxer | Nappyversary

4 Years natural hair progress journey

It’s been four years since I returned to natural hair from a brief stint back in relaxed hair land. In year’s one and two, I focused on growth. Between year two and three, I did a lot of cutting for shape, focusing on health and having fun styling. Half way through year three I decided to focus on length retention again, but this time with an added focus on health.

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I love my natural hair, and wouldn’t change it for anything. Having coily hair is easy and versatile, especially once you reach arm pit length. The purpose of this post is to encourage. If you are struggling with your hair, find a way to enjoy it and never give up! IMG_0823



IMG_0820My hair seems to be happily at full Bra Strap Length, so my end of the year goal is full Mid-Back Length. I will continue with the wash n go challenge/series through summer and do a length check come Fall. In the mean time, stay encouraged!


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