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Moisturizing My Natural hair Daily…With Silicones

Next up in the regimen series about my “Go Hard Length Retention Challenge” is moisturizing daily. Currently I am moisturizing my hair every single day, and sealing a few times a week. This is the hottest month in Florida, so I decided to bust out the best sealant to lock in moisture, a silicone based serum. I would never use a serum year round because they can build up without a proper cleansing routine. However, silicones  provide a barrier, locking…

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Living My Best Life | 4 Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

Best Life

Earlier this year I was so busy that I was just going and going, not taking any time to breathe. Now that school is over and I am not juggling a full time career with graduate school, I am dedicated to living my best life. Is life stress free? Never, but I am making an effort to take better care of myself and to be a little more responsive to my needs. Right now, my happiness stems from… Healthy Living…

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Hair Care

How To Prepare Natural Hair For Any Style

The method I advocate to prepare for any style is not new. Years ago, in the early 2000s, Chicoro explained how she was growing her hair to long lengths through an experimental method for retaining moisture in natural hair. If I follow the method, any hair style I try, works. I may not get the expected result, but I always obtain moisturized, wearable hair. Years later, her method has become natural hair 101. She even wrote, Grow It!, a book…

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How to Deep Condition Natural Hair

deep condition

Hair Care Law: You Must Deep Condition Natural Hair One of the most important steps in maintaining healthy natural hair is to deep condition. There is no substitute. No, rinse out conditioners do not work as well as deep conditioners. You must deep condition your natural hair. I deep condition every other week a week post cleansing, but there is no magic number. Some naturals deep condition once a month, twice a month, or even twice a week. What matters is…

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My Summer Capsule Makeup Collection | 2017

summer capsule

This past Spring I created a capsule makeup collection in order to use the products in my stash. The idea worked so well that I decided to continue to a create seasonal capsule for the foreseeable future, hence my summer capsule. From Spring to Summer, I did not reinvent the wheel, but instead simply switched out a few products due to hot humid weather. Summer Capsule Makeup Collection Every summer, I switch to using matte primers along with and a…

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