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Mielle Organics Mongogo Oil Hydrating Conditioner | A Review


At the end of September I purchased the Mielle Organics Mongogo Oil Hydrating Conditioner. I did have high expectations, and I am not disappointed. At $14.99 the Mongogo Oil Hydrating Conditioner packs a punch. Take A Look! Sometimes you try something that just makes you happy, and the Mongogo Oil Hydrating Conditioner did that for me. This product made me just excited enough about Mielle Organics to purchase the Pomegranate & Honey release without first waiting for reviews. Check out…

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Beauty Black Owned Business

Dr. Woods Naturally | Black Owned Business Spotlight

dr. woods

The beauty of Dr. Woods products is that they are easily found in grocery stores all over the US as well as online. Every new product I try make my skin feel wonderful, and are multi-purpose. I adore these product and look forward to trying new products as the company expands. Take A Look! I have shared the good word about these products with all my friends and family. In the video below I share my love of this company.…

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Do Oils Moisturize | The Short & Long Of It


The Short Answer While oils do penetrate the hair shaft, they cannot moisturize. As a matter of fact, the molecules in most oils are too large to penetrate the hair shaft and instead coat the hair (which makes them perfect for sealing). Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a…

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My Morning Routine | Fitness Morning Mantra

Morning Routine

My morning routine is geared toward not wasting this time, but instead setting myself up for success. I created a morning mantra several months ago, and it helps me get moving in the morning. Instead of taking time to think and meander, I immediately begin this routine. Take A Look! Even when I do not run or hit the gym, this morning routine is perfect for getting my day started. I actually did not enjoy the breakfast I prepared in…

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Inspiration Life

How to Journal Daily | 10 Prompts for Self-Reflection


I used to struggle hard with the idea of writing in a journal daily. Is daily self-reflection necessary? No, but personal growth comes from reflection and I never want to become stagnant. Over the years I have tried various ways to make journaling a regular part of my life, and then I came up with an idea. What if I created 10 prompts that are specific yet general enough to write about every day? Through much trial and error, I…

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