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alaffia love affair

About 3 years ago I began my Alaffia Love Affair using a bar soap with the word GOOD stamped on it that I discovered in Whole Foods Market. There were several scents that all smelled great, the ingredients were very natural, cruelty free and Fair Trade. The brand that makes these soaps is Alaffia, which I later learned is an incredible company that provides several jobs for women in Africa, that provide scholarships to children, and basically supports an entire village through the making of natural body care products.

About a year later I was on the hunt for a new body wash because I had used the Dr. Bronner’s soaps for so many years and wanted a change, the Alaffia Brand Body Wash was on sale so I gave it a try. I picked up the the Body Wash because for the price you received a huge bottle of Body Wash and I could get the product in an unscented version (which is important for my sensitive skin). I used the body wash and my skin loved it!!!

At this point I frequently turn to the Alaffia brand when on the hunt for new natural, cruelty-free body care products. Thus when I was recently searching for a good body lotion to repair my skin post dry weather damage, I turned to Alaffia. The body lotion was $8.99 for a huge bottle, and it works beautifully. My skin is now soft and the scars are healing. Lastly, I turned to hair care and well, that didn’t work out so great. The gel is not going to work for wash n go’s, but I’m pretty sure it will work from some pretty dynamic twist out’s or braid out’s.

All in all, the Alaffia brand has become my new go to for natural skin care. I’m still not sure about the hair care, but I do feel good about purchasing products from a company that in some small way helps those in need.

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