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Why Aloe Vera Juice Is Great for Low Porosity Hair


I recently learned that Aloe Vera Juice is getting a bad wrap in these streets, especially concerning low porosity hair. Much to my surprise, several times over the last few months, I have been informed that Aloe Vera is bad for low porosity hair. How sway?

Take A Look

Enough is enough. I sat down and talked about how Aloe Vera works for natural hair, and is especially wonderful for low porosity hair. Check out more in the video below:

Aloe Vera Juice

I would never use aloe vera juice on my hair alone, but it is a key ingredient for moisture retention. Every porosity level can benefit from the use of aloe in a hair regimen. Though I am not a do-it-yourself natural, I have no issues making a quick aloe rinse to help my hair retain moisture.

Combine one part aloe juice with one part water, and bam! Moisture for days! Plus, Aloe juice is easily accessible and fairly inexpensive. However, my favorite way to use aloe juice is within products. Many of my favorite products contain aloe vera. A new find, the Ampro Clear Ice Aloe Styler, definitely features aloe!

Does Aloe Vera provide my hair with everything it needs to remain moisturized? No, it works with other ingredients to give my strand lasting moisture, but it truly is great for low porosity hair. Don’t sleep on it!

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