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Clear Ice Aloe Styler – Ampro Pro Style | Demo & Review

Aloe Styler

Recently, Ampro Industries released three gel new stylers including the Clear Ice Aloe Styler. I went on the hunt for this gel all over, and couldn’t find it, so I ordered from the website. The Ampro Olive Oil Gel is a staple for my natural hair, so I had high expectations for the Clear Ice Aloe Styler.

Take A Look

It took some real work and effort to get this gel in my hands, but it was worth the trouble. I have used half of the 10 oz container, and plan to purchase more once I track it down here where I live. Check out the video below for a closer look at application of the Clear Ice Aloe Styler:

Clear Ice Aloe Styler

The Clear Ice Aloe Styler is protein free, alcohol free, and paraben free. One of the beset features of this gel is the consistency. It glides through the hair, and does not leave the hair feeling thick or sticky. The gel smoothes the cuticle and helps with raking. Plus, after trying this gel many times, I never experienced flakes.

I have used several gel’s, and I am adding the Clear Ice Aloe Styler to my holy grail list of products. Yes, its that good. Once dry, my hair does not have crunch, and there is no film on the hair. The first day volume of my hair when I use this gel is sick! Furthermore, I easily achieve fifth day hair, even while moisturizing my strands every single day.

As stated above, the Clear Ice Aloe Styler by Ampro Pro Style is a hit! I just love how my hair feels when I use this gel and the definition is on point. Stay tuned for a look at the Ampro Pro Styl Coconut Oil Gel on my type 4 natural strands!

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