Happenings I Am Looking Forward To This Autumn and Winter


Every year autumn arrives, and with that comes the anticipation of a few wonderful happenings. For me, certain traditions signal autumn which immediately get me excited to start counting down to Christmas. I am a food lover, so many of these things have to do with eating or drinking something sweet or warm, but there’s more.


The change in weather is slight here in Florida, but any decrease in humidity is like a cold glass of water on a 100 degree day. It’s welcome and refreshing. Let’s face it, the temperatures only get down to about 49 here in North Florida until January and February. However, the decrease in humidity gives way to the best hair days and evenings outside. Fall festivals abound, including the North Florida fair! Furthermore apples and squash come into season. I love nothing more than sitting outside in the evening with a warm cuppa apple cider or Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Roobois tea.


Come fall, my fruit consumption decreases to one apple a day, and my squash quota climbs significantly. I recently made a delicious butternut squash soup and paired it with roast chickpeas!!! The soup exemplifies just the type of warm flavors I associate with these cooler months. I tend to incorporate some type of squash into the majority of my meals as we roll into winter.

Also, once Halloween passes, I start to countdown to my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. Not for the meaning behind the holiday, but instead because I get to spend the day with all my family and enjoy my mom’s Sweet Potato Pie!!! Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato pie ain’t got nothin on my mama’s pies. She makes a pie for each one of us kids as well as our significant others (yes these pies are in high demand).  Sweet potato pie is a cornerstone of the holiday season, and it signifies the go ahead to start baking. I keep myself and many family members stocked up with King Ginger Snap cookies all the way until Christmas, and my dad does his part by making country candy from Cane Syrup.

All of these things are coupled with several movie countdown marathons between Halloween and Christmas. I watched Hocus Pocus, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and Casper the Ghost this year, and I cannot wait for my annual Christmas movie countdown… more on that to come.

What happenings do you look forward to each year during autumn?

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