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5 Autumn/Fall Natural Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair


Autumn can be the perfect time for your best hair days with just a few small steps. After the crazy summer weather, its best to reset your hair and prepare it to move toward dry weather. Summer is so very harsh on hair, so here are a few tips to prepare your hair for autumn.

Take A Look!

Definitely continue your regular hair care regimen, but take a moment to asses the state of your hair post summer. Is it in the best condition? or is it looking a little weathered? Check out the video for a few of my autumn hair care hacks:

5 Autumn Hair Care Tips

The goal of preparing the hair for autumn is to reset and restore. I always begin a new season by clarifying. We tend to pile on product after product, and over time they can build up, so it is necessary to occasionally clarify the scalp and hair.

Second, the best time to asses the state of the hair is after an elasticity treatment. My favorite elasticity treatment is the Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask. It helps to restore the vibrancy of my strands, and leaves my hair in its best shape.

Third, I assess my ends to decide if its time for a trim. I cut several inches off my hair last month, so for now I do not need a trim. However, I will be sure to continue to regularly moisturize my hair to protect those ends from the elements.

As the dry weather rolls in, I will also add regular hot oil treatments to my regimen. Autumn can be just as drying for the hair as winter, so regular deep conditioning treatments is a must. Lastly, as I pull out the hats and scarves, I plan to make sure to keep my ends oiled and silk and satin bonnets on deck.

How do you prepare your hair for autumn/fall weather?

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