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Banding My Wash And Go | Type 4 Natural Hair


Believe it or not I have never tried banding my wash and go. I usually band my hair to stretch it when I want maximum stretch for a style on dry hair. It’s about time I gave banding my wash and go a try. I stretch my curls for styling purposes, and so that as my hair gets dry it isn’t allowed to shrink and tangle. Shrunken dry hair is tangle city for me.

Take A Look

I kept the process simple by using eight hair ties and the Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk. Then I slept with a satin bonnet over my hair before taking the bands out in the morning: Check out the video before a look at before and after:

Banding – The Verdict

I enjoyed the stretch, but I do like my curls in their shrunken state. My hair did slowly shrink back every day, so it about five day later the stretch effect was gone. However, that probably has more to do with the fact that I moisturize my hair daily.

I think I do prefer this method of stretching my wash and go over the pineapple. However, next time I plan to try only leaving the bands in for an hour. I’m hoping that the bands will not leave a mark. Plus, I do not like sleeping with hair ties in.



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