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Bentonite Clay | My Experience

I do not plan on trying the MHM method, but increased research surrounding the clay step did renew my interest in trying Bentonite Clay. I went to a local herb shop and purchased 4 ounces of clay. I did not purchase the ever popular jar of Clay because I did not know whether or not I was going to use it again. As usual, I filmed the experience:

Since the clay experiment, my coils have actually been a little more cooperative! I cannot be sure that is a result of the clay, because the addition of a mid-week co-wash to my regimen has had the effect of increased moisture retention for my hair. Its been about a month since I began co-washing once a week and my hair is definitely better for it. I do intend to try Rhassoul Clay next month and I will of course compare the two.

Are you a long time Bentonite Clay user? How has your hair improved with the addition of clay to your regimen?

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