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Black Friday 2014 | Wishlist

Its that time again, the point in the year where I purchase the majority of my hair products for the upcoming year. Last year I focused on stylers, and purchased mostly creams and butters. I still have a good bit of those goodies left, so this year my focus is deep conditioner. I am down to 1 bottle of DC that only has a good two, MAYBE three uses left. This means that I have been really good about using the products in my stash this year, which translates to a purchase of at least 6 news Deep Conditoners! (true, PJ here).

 I always start planning by looking at WestNDNBeauty’s list she compiles every year of Natural  Hair Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales and posts on her blog (Thank you!). She continues to  update it right up until the sales begin, its a much appreciated resource. She also keeps past  years lists on her blog which really helps with planning while companies drag their behind  posting what this years sale will be.

As stated above, I plan to purchase mostly deep conditioners, and so my list begins with a  couple of wonderful staples. Then I hit up LHCF, Facebook and Youtube to see what is popular at the moment. Plus, I look at some of the new and lesser known brands on the market. I look at ingredients, reviews, and of course prices and make decisions. This year my list currently looks like this:

Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner
Jessicurl Deep Treatment
Shescentit Rich Moisture Masque
Blue Rose Beauty Strawberry Hibiscus Deep Conditioner
Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner
Anita Grant Deep Conditioning Cubes

This is the list at the moment, as sales are announced things may change. I refuse to purchase anything for less than 20% off and free shipping. I also plan to purchase a shampoo and dc combo full of cones for heat styling, and clothes., so for the sake of the budget, I will keep my online hair purchases under $100.

What’s on your list? I always welcome recommendations!

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