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When I post wash and go videos, I am often asked about build up and/or flakes. I answer the best I can, but in the end I have not tried every product combination possible. Thus, I wanted to do a video showing how you can discover for yourself how to stop build up or flakes in their tracks.

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First, its important to understand the difference between build up and flakes. Build up is often preventable. There are great options to test for flakes, but sometimes a product passes the test and still surprises you. Check out the video for more info:

Build Up Vs Flakes

Build up occurs when you put too much product on your hair. Sometimes it happens from one product or a combination of products.Build up can also occur by not washing conditioners out fully and then applying more products on top.

Flakes are caused by a product reaction. The chemical composition of products just do not work well together. Flakes and build up can happen with any style, but most experience flakes with wash and go’s.

Flakes can be tested for by mixing the two products on the hand before application. However, sometimes when mixing several products, things can get tricky. Build up is harder to prevent when layering multiple products. However, I do find that by using small amounts of concentrated products (like Camille Rose Naturals hair care), I lessen the chance of an issue.

How have you solved your build up or flaking issue?

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