Confessions Of A Nail Biter

zoya flynn nail polish

zoya flynn nail polishI cannot call myself a former nail biter because I cannot even go a month without eating away at one of my finger nail. Does this mean that my nails look like the typical nubs? Absolutely not. I worked hard to stop biting my nails into oblivion, but when one chips even a little, it’s hard to resist. Any nail biter can tell you, a chipped nail is just an invitation yet to be answered. I have found that immediately nipping that chip in the bud with a nail file is the best way for me to keep my sanity. I also learned to polish my non dominant hand, thus allowing me to appreciate the beauty in a nail polish collection. For now I have all 10 nails  in tact, albeit some are shorter than others due to temporary moments of insanity 🙂

Polish Pick: Zoya Flynn

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    July 29, 2015 at 12:00 am

    your nails look pretty amazing to me. The only way i can stop myself from cracking my nails is by painting them, but once i get a chip in the manicure i tend to go to town on that nail… so its not very effective!

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