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Why I Cut Several Inches Off My Natural Hair

Cut My Hair

Sometimes you have a moment when you decide that enough is enough. Well for me that moment came and I made the decision to let go off my unhappy ends. I could have keep growing until I reached my goal and then cut my hair. Instead I decided to let it go.

Take A Look

It didn’t take me watching several big chop videos. The decision didn’t require me to gather up all my courage. Nope, it simply took one Curlformer set for me to reach the decision to cut my hair. Check out the video below for a look at the Curlformer set and for more details:

My hair is pretty much 12 inches around, healthy, and happy. I am not finding it difficult in the slightest to detangle, and my ends are retaining moisture better. Plus, with my new “Go Hard Length Retention Challenge,” I am confident that I will reach my goal in record time.

I Cut My Hair!

Cut My HairI understand what my hair needs. Plus, I am not looking for new products. I have a great list of staple products, and now I just need to wait. The plan I created is perfect for retaining length while still allowing me to enjoy my hair.

Cheers to happy and healthy, hair growth!

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