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How to Detangle Natural Hair | Quick & Easy


One of my Youtube subscribers recently requested that I post a video on how to properly detangle natural hair. This subject is near and dear to my heart, so I did not hesitate to fulfill the request. My detangling breakthrough occurred when I learned that tools do matter.

For years I used the shower comb most people buy from various places, and my detangling sessions would take close to an hour. Then, after trying a few seamless combs (wood and bone) and the Denman brush, I found the one! The Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Jumbo Rake.

This hard rubber comb is completely seamless, pretty darn sturdy, and works like magic! My detangling sessions cut in half once I purchased this comb back in 2010, and I became a firm believer in using hair tools to detangle. Then I started finger detangling, and fell in love once again.

Once I learned just how thorough I needed to be, finger detangling became an asset in my hair retention regimen. I often switch between finger detangling or my combs, and I never have super long detangling sessions. Even after wash and go’s, it never takes more than 20 minutes to detangle my hair. If the Jumbo Rake seems like a bit much, try the Magic Star Mini Rake. 

Take a Look!

Don’t get sticker shock! Remember, I’ve had this comb for seven years. Instead, check out my video to see just how easy my detangling sessions are with this comb:

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    July 30, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    Yes, having the right tools is a major contributor to a healthy hair regimen. The amount of detangling tools that I have tried to no avail is ridiculous. However, through trial and error, I have learned that my hair and scalp does not respond well to combs. I have the most success with light finger detangling followed with the use of a paddle brush.

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