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The Difference Between Leave-In Conditioners and Moisturizers

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I used to have confusion when it came to the difference between leave-in conditioners and moisturizers. Some people just leave conditioner in their hair and moisturize with conditioner every day. Other people have one product to condition, one to leave-in, one to moisture, etc. So what’s the difference?

Take A Look!

Guess what, the answer is not that complicated at all. The truth is that aside from using rinse out conditioners as leave-in conditioner, its mostly a matter of product labeling. Check out the video below for more details:

Leave-In Conditioners vs Moisturizers

At one point in my journey I used leave-in conditioner on wash day and I would use rinse out conditioners in mixtures to moisturize and style. I would also use leave-in conditioners to style, but then I discovered how to use hair milks. Hair milks are usually more viscous than leave-in conditioners and work so much better for daily moisture and as styling primers.

With a few exceptions, in my experience, butters, gel’s, and creams are best as stylers. I do not rely on any of those products to nourish my hair. They are sealants and molders that help give my hair the shape I desire as well as the seal necessary to help the styles last.

In essence, you could own one product to leave-in and moisturize the hair, and as many stylers as you please. However, if you are a product junkie like me, own as many products as you want :-). A list of my staple products are here, and a longer list of all the products I have used that work well for natural hair are here.

Comment below and share if you use a leave-in, moisturizer, and stylers or keep things a little simpler.

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