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The beauty of Dr. Woods products is that they are easily found in grocery stores all over the US as well as online. Every new product I try make my skin feel wonderful, and are multi-purpose. I adore these product and look forward to trying new products as the company expands.

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I have shared the good word about these products with all my friends and family. In the video below I share my love of this company. Check out the greatness that is Dr. Woods Naturally below:

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Dr. Woods Naturally

Of all the things I have tried from the Dr. Woods brand, my favorite is the Raw Black Soap with Shea Butter. The Castille Soap with Raw Shea Butter is very similar, but I would definitely choose the Black Soap. Both soaps are also offered without Shea Butter.

On the other side of cleanliness we have bar soap. It is hard to pick a favorite because these products make my skin feel so moisturized yet clean. The bar soaps last awhile, and smell divine. The Coconut Milk with Vanilla Bean & Papaya soap makes my skin exceptionally happy, and the clean ingredients are what I look for in body care products.

Lastly, I was incredibly surprised by the Facial Soap. The Black Soap Facial Cleanser is gentle, yet cleansing. However, it does have a fair amount of peppermint essential oil which can irritate the eyes.

Although the prices are more than your typical drugstore prices, I think the quality of the ingredients justify the mid range pricing structure. Plus, I am wiling to pay more to support an independent black owned business.

Next time you are in the market for soap be sure to check out Dr. Woods Naturally.

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