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Dry Weather And Great Natural Hair | Colorado

dry weather great natural hair


I wore box braids for the first 5 weeks of my time in Colorado. Then I took them out and have been wearing my hair in wash n go’s and twist out ever since. I wasn’t sure how my hair would behave up here, so I have been very pleasantly surprised by the lack of frizz I have experienced. Who knew I would have the best hair of my life in the mountains of Colorado! I certainly had no idea that dry weather and great natural hair are like babies and pacifiers!

dry weather and great natural hair

I care for my hair the same way up here as I do in Florida, but in this dry clime, the result is frizz fee well defined hair. The first photo above is first day hair and the second is fifth day hair. There is barely a difference!!! The weather here is dry, but my hair is not! Glycerin containing products work best for my hair up here, and maintenance is beyond easy. My hair experience up here has given me many ideas of how to better handle my hair back in Florida, so I will chronicle my experiments as I go. I’m glad that I was able to see the full potential of my hair type, and I now understand more about how type four hair can look so different from one place to the next.

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