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How ECO Styler Gel Came To My Rescue

eco styler gel

Story Time

So when I left for my summer Internship in Colorado, I had box braids installed (video here). I did not know what kind of products I would find up here at 10,000 feet, and I did not know whether I would be sharing a bathroom. Turns out that I have my own room with an attached bathroom, so about 5 weeks in, I took out my braids. Before taking out my braids I went on the hunt for products. Now, I am in a seriously non-minority portion of Colorado, but when I went to Walmart, I expected to find some items to purchase. Much to my surprise, the Walmart near me did not even have an “Ethnic” hair section!!! IMG_3747

You may be thinking, just order something. Well, mail service up here is quite spotty, I had already had a package sent back without any attempt to deliver, so I continued my search. I found a Target 30 minutes away, and I went in the hope that Target would be its usual great self and come through for me. This Target had a Multi-Cultural hair section (which solidified my love for Target), so I was able to buy shampoo (Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla), deep conditioner (Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla), leave-in conditioner (Shea Moisture JBCO), and a styler (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie). However, they had no gel!!!!


Ugh!! No gel! So, I looked for a nearby Walgreens, and there was one 5 minutes away. The ONLY gel I could find was ECO Styler!!! I liked my results with the ECO Styler Olive Oil Gel, so I was very very happy with that find, but it was recommended to me that I try the ECO Styler Krystal gel for a better hold, so I grabbed that one too.


Up here at 10,000 feet, my hair behaves so very well. I use either Shea-Moisture styler under the ECO Styler gel, and my hair comes out defined and hangs beautifully without  much swelling in this dry, mild climate. I would have attempted twist-out’s had I not been able to find gel, but I am quite relieved that I was able to find a gel that I can trust to leave my hair looking great on a weekly basis. Next time I go away for months at a time, I will bring hair products no matter what :-)!!

When I get back to Florida I will do a video comparing the Olive Oil to the Krystal gel.


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