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Everyday Hair: Braid Out + Length Check

Its that time again! Time for change. I have been doing braid outs for the winter. The point of this was to enjoy my hair in its big fluffy state, but to still maintain some control over its level of presentability. Plus, braid outs stretch my hair the most, so I get to experience a little bit of the length as well. Spring is in the air, time has moved forward, and the heat is back! That means that for my next growth challenge, I will be returning to……..wash n go’s!!!!!! Before I jump head first into them this weekend, I need to do a length check and trim to ensure that I am still on the right track. Just as a reminder, my hair was 13 to 14 inches all the way around at the beginning of winter. Well guess what, my hair is now 14 inches all of the way around, so I retained a half inch! I’ll take it, small victories, right!

Next length check will be in August. Check out my Instagram for more braid out pics.



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