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Let’s face it. Many women refuse to exercise because of their hair. They do not want to mess it up or they are trying to preserve some style. At the same time, many women summer from exercise acne.

Take A Look

I regularly exercise and over the years I have learned how to exercise regardless of my hair style. The journey to understanding exercise acne was longer, but I now have that under control. Check out the video for a look at my hair care and skin care routine when I exercise:

My Exercise Hair Care Routine

The goal of exercise is to sweat, so I find it near to impossible to maintain straight hair while doing intense cardio. If I wore my hair straight, I would eat well and stick to the weight. However, since I mostly run, I find natural hair to be the best for my lifestyle.

When wearing my hair down, I focus on getting my hair out of my face when exercising. I do not pull it up until I plan to wear it up. Regardless, when I get home I let my hair free so that it does not get any marks or take on an undesirable shape. Then I let my scalp dry while I shower and get ready for the next thing.

Before I leave the house I re-style my hair and apply moisture if necessary.

My Exercise Skin Care Routine

How dow I prevent exercise acne? I clean my skin before and after exercise. The before portion of things is what I was missing for a long time. If I am wearing makeup, I take it off with a balm. Otherwise I wipe the Simple Micellar Water or Dickinsons Witch Hazel over my face and apply a little sunscreen. Once I finish exercising I wash my face. No exceptions.

This routine works best to maintain healthy hair and acne free skin. Right now my hair is in braids with beads, so I gather all the hair on top of my head and tie it down securely with a scarf. This keeps the beads from hitting my face and allows me to get my workout done.


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    Barbara Houston-Warmsley
    September 29, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    I see you are apart of Black Girls Run. I am also apart of that group in southern California. Even though I don`t run, I get my 3 miles or more in every Monday and enjoy being with like minded black women who are serious about their health and well being.

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      October 4, 2017 at 10:51 am

      I love BGR! Nice to meet you #solesista

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