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Get To Know Me

I am a 30-something black woman from Florida. A couple of years ago, I moved back to Florida to attend graduate school, and I plan to stick around for awhile. I am a classical flutist. I am an avid runner, and that is usually coupled with healthy choices.

pensacola double bridge

Currently, I am on a quest to loose 15 pounds, and run my next race shirtless. I am also a planner addict. I am an entrepreneur, and a lover of all things beauty. As a child, I was definitely a Tomboy, but now I am most certainly a girly girl.

Get To Know Me Tag

When I decided to do Vlogtember, I knew that I wanted to share more about myself, so I decided to do the Get To Know Me Tag. I tried not to ramble on too much, and share as much as I thought was pertinent. Check out the video below for more about my life:

Get to Know Me – Geek Life

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a complete geek, and proud of it. I gobble down books because I love to loose myself in someone else’s world and I also continue to seek knowledge. I am currently in a transition period of my life, but I am enjoying this moment.


If you haven’t noticed, I have amped up my Youtube Channel and blog. The goal is to make a steady income (around the $500-$1,000/month). I am no where near that goal, but I plan to try. This Vlogtember will kick off 3 video’s a week on my Youtube channel and daily blogging here starting in October.

All that to say, stay tuned because there is more to come. If you care to share, tell me more about yourself in the comments box below. Help me Get To Know You!

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