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I first started taking care of my own hair in 2004, and have been on a hair journey every since. In 2004, there were very few options for learning how to take care of natural hair. There were certainly very few videos, much less a natural hair movement.twa

Instead I used resources like Long Hair Care Forum, Nappturality, and the MotownGirl website to learn about natural hair. I truly knew nothing about caring for my hair before 2004, and the learning curve was steep! Experimenting on my hair was the only way to learn, and  all of us were do it yourself naturals.


There were a few brands owned by black people dedicated to natural hair, like Taliah Waajid, Organic Root Stimulator, and Carol’s Daughter. Otherwise, we learned through sharing on hair forums. Naturally, I went back to the creamy crack in 2007 because I was definitely a unicorn with my natural hair, and I wanted to experience healthy relaxed hair.

Even in 2007, while the possibilities for hair products were abundant, good products were still mostly homemade. I turned to Ayurveda and starting using Henna, Shikaki and Amla powders, Shikakai soap and even Vatika Oil. My hair thrived!


I went from Shoulder to full Mid-back length hair in two years. However, as is always possible with chemicals, I experienced a significant set back that led me to transition right back to natural hair. This time I did not big chop, but instead I transitioned for 19 months before chopping off my relaxed ends in December 2012.

big chop

This time around things have been easier because products are not an issue and I have successfully grown my natural hair before. Nonetheless, what is a journey without a few mistakes? More on that later this month….

24 months post relaxer 32 months post relaxer

Regardless, my hair is now thriving and I have learned over time how best to take care of my hair. I still try many products, but I definitely have a solid list of products that work for my hair. I keep my old hair blog up to remind myself of the journey, and I maintain this blog because I remember the lack of resources. This blog serves as a resource for those just starting the journey, in the middle of the journey, as well as for those who have figured out their natural hair.

Take A Look At My Hair Journey

I look back at all these photos and products and am truly amazed at how much documentation I have. I encourage anyone on a hair journey to take photos and write down their journey because it’s truly remarkable to come back and see the progress.

The journey continues…

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