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hair stats

Simply, my hair is awesome. I often describe my hair as Type 4 because that is the easieset explanation. However, there is so much more to my hair. I thought to put this info in one place, hence my hair stats.

Take A Look!

On my head, I have looser coils, waves, and tight coils. My hair is prone to frizz and dryness, and if not taken care of properly can break easily. Take an up close look at my kinks and coils in the video below:

My Hair Stats

I’ve spent so much time learning about my hair, and I am often asked about my hair type. While, I can identify my hair type, I do not think that is what matters most. I put more effort into understanding the various things that make my hair what it is. My hair stats are:

  • Prone to dryness
  • Fine strands
  • Medium to Thick density
  • Type 4a, 4b, and 4c
  • The hair at the crown is most prone to breakage
  • Currently Bra Strap Length
  • 70%-90% Shrinkage
  • Kinky
  • 1/2 inch of growth each month
  • Not protein sensitive
  • Low porosity
  • Does not clump easily

I do enjoy seeing how other people take care of their hair, but first and foremost I try to pay close attention to my own hair. In my opinion, understanding the characteristics of my hair is the most valuable tool in my hair care arsenal. If you care to share, please let me know the characteristics of your hair in the comments box below.

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