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How to Journal Daily | 10 Prompts for Self-Reflection


I used to struggle hard with the idea of writing in a journal daily. Is daily self-reflection necessary? No, but personal growth comes from reflection and I never want to become stagnant. Over the years I have tried various ways to make journaling a regular part of my life, and then I came up with an idea.

What if I created 10 prompts that are specific yet general enough to write about every day? Through much trial and error, I came up with 10 prompts for daily self reflection. I started writing from these prompts in March and since then have never found myself unable to just sit down and write.


These ten prompts keep my mind engaged and help me reflect on the various aspects of my life on a daily basis. I encourage you to use these prompts as a starting point and tailor them to your life. At one point school was on this list, but now I’ve replaced it with work. Make this list work for you.

Of course deciding on prompts didn’t make daily journaling a habit. I also developed a morning routine this year that includes time for daily self reflection and connection. Honestly, that daily routine is what helps me immediately focus and make the most of my day. More on my morning routine in an upcoming video, so stay tuned!

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