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I Survived Week One! | Internship OOTD

breckenridge colorado

It’s been a week since I began my Internship and things are definitely looking up. Yesterday we went hiking and the higher altitude made me feel like I was a smoking, but once we came back to a lower elevation my breathing was definitely better. It snowed a few times this week, but nonetheless Colorado is gorgeous. I mean just plain breathtaking on a daily basis, snow or no snow.

Internship Outfit

internship outfit

Banana Republic Factory (similar) // Banana Republic //American Eagle // Zara // Origami Owl

I’m doing quite well at the office, and I was even complimented by my boss on the professionalism of my attire this week. My Internship Outfit Capsule is looking like a great choice. The best part about the office is the number of dogs. This is truly a dog town, and there are at least four dogs in the office every day. They are sweet, gentle, and visit me for a time every day. It’s amazing how much having dogs in the office adds to an environment of positivity.

breck 3

My fellow interns and co-workers are working well together, and we’ve had a few great bonding moments over drinks this week. We are staying in resort housing, which I will admit is quite delightful with great amenities including wifi, cable, and a fitness center. Plus, this seasons concert repertoire contains some of my favorites.

breckinridge colorado

All in all, week one has been great, and I definitely anticipate learning a lot during my time here this summer. This is my last day off for a couple of weeks, so I plan to eat good food and relax tonight.


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