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Updated Inkwell Press Planner Setup

inkwell press planner setup

I’ve lived in my Inkwell Press planner for half of a year now, and I have settled in. I moved over from an Erin Condren Life Planner, and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely LOVE! the three little boxes at the bottom of the page, the paper quality, the goals section, and the ability to create infinite amounts of lists. This planner definitely brings me planner peace.

inkwell press planner setup

Since my last video on my planner setup, things have changed quite a bit. I juggle several aspects of my life in this planner, so at this point I focus mostly on functional planning. During the week I create long lists in the days, and if there is space at the end of the week, I like to throw in a sticker or two. At the bottom of a day (like Wednesday), I list things I need to accomplish for class (I am only in one class this summer). If I have no class that day, I use the bottom half to write meetings or events. My three boxes are for blog/youtube posts, exercise, and my top priority for each day. In the right hand column I create a running list that is really a brain dump in which I list things I want to accomplish or elaborate upon at some point.


Weekend – I love a weekend sticker, for some reason it is just a necessity for me.

Blog – I like to label my three boxes, and the blog sticker clearly sections those top boxes for that purpose

Runner – I run so very much, and so at the moment I am using running stickers to designate the fitness boxes

Pencil – I am in graduate school, and to separate school with the pencil and write important items on the pencil

Heart – I like to use asterik’s, dots, hearts, etc to bring attention to meetings and important items within my week

Page Flag Labels – These help to designate a specific part of the right notes section for my weekly top five and my brain dump list


If you are interested in purchasing an Inkwell Press planner on sale, tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow is the imperfect planner sale for the Mid-Year planner (same planner insides, just runs from July 16′ – July 17′). These planners have seriously negligible flaws, but they are discounted 40% off!!!! Plus, if you use my link (click), you can get an additional $10 off your purchase (min. $50).

Let me know if you want to see how I use my notes or monthly view page, comment below.


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