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Inkwell Press Livewell Planner | Walkthrough of My 2018 Planners


I find that having a good planner that matches your organizational style just makes life easier. Every year I re-evaluate my planner choice and look to see what’s out there. However, for the past two years, and now for 2018 I keep returning to the Inkwell Press Livewell Planner.

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I purchased two planners from Inkwell Press to use for life and work in 2018. I am using the LiveWell Classic layout for the third year, and 2018 will be my first time using the daily layout. A few of you lovely folks asked me to do a walkthrough of the planners, so check that out below:

Inkwell Press liveWell Planner – Daily & Classic

The Inkwell Press liveWell Daily planner is a brand new rollout from the company for 2018. It has a simply layout with daily pages focused on helping people with busy schedules stay organized. The planner includes space to map out projects, as well as space for habit tracking and planning ahead. Everything is housed in a beautiful muted gray toned cover with gold writing.

I plan to use the Daily planner for work, and am sticking with the liveWell Classic Monthly/Weekly layout for everything else. However, this year I plan to use the coil free option instead of the bound version. Both options are available at Office Depot/Office Max, but if you are a horizontal planner, Inkwell Press still has you covered.

The company offers the Weekly/Monthly layout in a horizontal (flex) option. It is also available in a coil free or bound version with several cover choices. The paper quality and goal setting guidance offered in the Inkwell Press Planners sets it light years apart from the competition. Plus, the company sends setup videos and downloads to help buyers determine how best to use the planner.

If you are in the market for a 2018 planner, definitely check out Inkwell Press here. Also, check back in January for a setup video to get a closer look at how these planner function in my every day life. Lastly, check out my monthly vlogs for more on my monthly goal setting and how this planner helps me achieve the goals in my Five Year Plan.

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