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Bon Voyage!!! | Internship Outfit – Travel

internship outfit

I’m off! I arrived in Colorado this afternoon/evening (time change), and ALTITUDE! I am up in the mountains at high elevation and not only are my lips perpetually chapped, but my breathing is somewhat tenuous. Regardless, this place is gorgeous!!!!! I traveled in easy comfortable attire, and made sure to keep an extra layer with me. I left 69 degree temps and climbing when I left Florida, and was met with 59 degree temps and dropping upon arrival in Breckenridge. I did choose my outfit with the thought of meeting my supervisor, so I considered this my first internship outfit.

Internship Outfit Of The Day

internship outfit

Van’s T-Shirt // Gap Cardigan // Gap Leggings (similar) // Nike

When embarking on airport travel, I always make sure to wear as little jewelry as possible, and to wear shoes that slip off easily. Bag check took awhile, security was a breeze, the flight was easy, and I caught my shuttle with no issue. However, the highlight of the day was the ride up into the mountains from Denver Airport! I saw Elk and Buffalo for the first time, and was greeted with beautiful snow capped mountains as we climbed. The elevation is kicking my tush, but I promise to post some photos of the scenery tomorrow.


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