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Holy Snow Batman! | Internship OOTD

colorado mountain

So, it snowed today! It didn’t stick, but I cannot begin to tell you how weird it is for me to experience snow in late May! I guess it was more like rain snow cause it didn’t stick at all and occurred while it was relatively warm outside (48 degrees). Today was also the first day of actual work (aka 9 to 5)……….. and it didn’t kill me :-)!!!!! The cool weather definitely influenced my Internship Outfit for the day.

Internship Outfit Of The Day

internship outfit

Ann Taylor Blouse (old) // Banana Republic Pin Stripe Pant // Dr. Scholl’s Flats // Origami Owl Necklace //

Anthropologie Earrings (old) // Apple Watch Sport

I can definitely hold my own here and am excited at the prospect of what I will gain from this experience. My supervisor is great, and the people here are pretty chill. We went right to work, and as a type A personality, I was quite happy about that.

breckenridge colorado

Colorado quirk: People had their dogs at the office all day! I’m a dog lover, so I enjoyed that aspect of the job, but it’s definitely not a thing I’ve seen before. I was able to go back to my condo at lunch and make Arroz con Habichuelas Negras con Aguacate, and took a FAGE strawberry yogurt and almonds with me for a light mid afternoon snack. Altitude is still getting the best of me, but all in all, today was definitely a good start.

I’ll be sure to film a live video on Facebook tomorrow and show you a little of the town while I shop for a coat (cause I don’t think fleece is going to be enough).

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