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Last Week of My Internship


My summer in Colorado comes to a close in a few short of weeks as my Internship ends. I have learned so very much, gained strong mentors, and made new friends. I’ve learned that my hair loves dry weather, and my skin is horribly unhappy in this climate. I am in love with warm weather, so I truly miss the Florida Heat, but I could definitely live without the humidity.

Bye bye Colorado!


The natural beauty of Colorado brings a certain peace and serenity that is mirrored by the genuine quality of the natives here. Life at 10,000 feet is expensive, but surprisingly simple. The people here lead active lives, and are always happy to throw together a social event in order to gather together old friends and new. I’ve been able to lend my expertise and knowledge to an organization which I fully believe in the mission and potential of the orchestra. I’ve met a mentor near my age and a mentor with much more experience than both of us combined, both strong women that understand what obstacles I will face and yet believe so much in me that they know I will perservere.


I have eaten more burgers and drank more beer than I ever wanted, but I have also eaten beautiful healthy food and had amazing conversation. It’s always good to talk about the future, about things important and not so, and to lend advice to those thinking of taking my path (the one less traveled).


When I leave this place, I will take many lessons and people with me. Though I know this is just the beginning, I cannot help but think that benefits of this Internship are much more than I can see at the moment. It will take some time for me to reflect and soak in all that I have learned here, but in the meantime I will close this chapter of my life and push forward toward finishing my second Master’s Degree.

I have high standards for myself, and this Internship definitely aligns with those standards and my life goals. Until next time,


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