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length check

We are now half way through the MahoganyCurls Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, so it is time for length check #2. My goal for the end of the year is still waist length, so I hoped to retain at least an inch for this last three months of growth. For the second quarter of the challenge, I did not change my regimen because it wasn’t broke.

Length Check #2

At the beginning of the challenge, my hair was 14.5 inches, and three months ago the longest layer came in at 16 inches. My original length check was on wet hair, so I decided to wet the section before stretching to get the measurement again this time. This isn’t a perfect method, but I do not want to straighten my hair, so this method will have to do. Check out the video for a look at my current length.

It is quite gratifying that my hair is officially mid-back length. My next length check will be at the end of the challenge, six months from now, at which time I hope to have gained three more inches. That is pretty ambitious considering I only gained 2.5 inches in the first six months, but I will shoot for the stars. I do plan to adjust my regimen for summer by adding more protein and a few more small changes. Otherwise, I will continue with wash and go’s for the time being.

I will trim my split ends this weekend and then save my next trim for the end of the challenge. One thing I learned from my video…the shrinkage is real.


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