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Length Check & Fall 2015 Hair Challenge

Summer is over and it is time for a trim, so I blew my hair out and decided to do a length check video. In doing so, I see that my hair growth has been steady since January and my hair is definitely healthy. Mid back length is still my end of year goal, and I think I may even be full mid back by the end of 2015. I will get my hair straightened at the end of the year, so we shall see.

I plan to go back to braid out and twist out for Fall and Winter, with periods of straight hair thrown in. I usually do mini twists once a year, and I have yet to do them in 2015, so I amy turn to them in November (we shall see). For my sets, I like to use Qhemet Biologics and Oyin Handmade products to get moisturized hair that lasts until the next wash day. I will do several videos on my braid outs and twist outs, so be on the look out for those. I can’t find my tape measure, so I cannot tell you the inches, but my hair has definitely made progress in these last six months.

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