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Maximum Length Retention | Protective Style or Not?

maximum length

In just about every conversation about natural hair and maximum length retention you will hear mention of protective styling. I have written about the connection between protective styling and length retention several times myself. However, this is the first time I put this idea to the test.

Take A Look!

Of course I had to sit down and talk about this subject because I wanted lots of feedback. I base my thoughts solely on my experience. Check out the video below for more on this topic:

Maximum Length Retention

To recap, in the month of August I retained 1″ while solely wearing my hair in wash n go’s. Then in September I also retained one inch of growth while wearing my hair in cornrows for four weeks. This means that the style I chose did not factor into my length retention.

Now, I mean to test this a few more times to make sure, but it seems that the constant moisture I give my hair balanced with protein matters most in maximum length retention. As discussed in the video, where I live probably adds to that result. However my hair type is naturally dry, and dryness leads to breakage, but as long as I moisturize it daily I do not worry about that factor.

I cannot conclusively say that all that I did to prepare my hair for the protective style did not effect the result. There are so many factors that go into a healthy haircare regimen and my protective style regimen that its hard to pinpoint exactly what contributes to the length retention. However, I can say that wearing my hair out did not affect length retention.

Before you ask, I did check my ends at the beginning of October and I had no split ends. Thus, those two months of growth are pure progress! Weigh-in and let me know your thoughts. Do you retain length better with or without protective styles?

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