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Are You A Minimalist or Maximalist Naturalista?


Maximalist refers to those of us who own a fair amount of products and do the most unapologetically. But let’s face it, some men and women do not want to fool with their hair, and do not want to try a lot of products. Those people are classified as minimalists.

Take A Look

On my recent trip to Orlando, my girl over at Happy Fit Natural, spoke frequently about how she doesn’t do much to her hair. She spoke abut how few products she uses, and I could not identify. We laughed about this idea a lot before deciding to create a tag. Check out my answers in the video below:

The Minimalist vs Maximalist Hair Tag

Yes, I know that I am mostly a Maximalist Naturalista, but “I ain’t sorry…. Hell Naw” Be sure to check out how HappyFitNatural identifies on her video here. Feel free to answer the questions and comment below identifying yourself as a Minimalist or Maximalist Naturalista. The questions:

1. How many times per week do you wash your hair?

2. How many products do you use on wash day?

3. How many hair tools do you use on wash day?

4. How many hair products do you own?

5. How many hair tools do you use on a regular basis?

6. How often do you change your hair style?

7. How long does it take you to do your hair in the morning and at night?

8. When was the last time you bought or received a hair product?

9. Does everyone you know get products from you or the store?

10. Based on your answers are you a Minimalist or a Maximalist Naturalista?

Feel free to tag someone you want to complete this tag and let me know so I can watch too! 

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    December 18, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    I’m definitely a minimalist I try to do the absolute least with my hair and that includes trying products

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