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Moisturizing My Natural hair Daily…With Silicones

Next up in the regimen series about my “Go Hard Length Retention Challenge” is moisturizing daily. Currently I am moisturizing my hair every single day, and sealing a few times a week. This is the hottest month in Florida, so I decided to bust out the best sealant to lock in moisture, a silicone based serum.

I would never use a serum year round because they can build up without a proper cleansing routine. However, silicones  provide a barrier, locking water into the hair. Silicones can reduce friction from handling, and prevent tangles and breakage.

Take a Look!

It was requested that I show how I am moisturizing my hair daily, so I of course filmed the two options that I am currently using. Moisturizing my hair daily will cause more frizz and possibly shorten the lifespan of my hair styles. However, reaching the goal outweighs’ the downside.

Silicones are great to retain moisture, and to consequently retain length. However, do not over use silicones and cause build up. To be safe, just stick to applying a serum to the ends. Also, do not slap on too much because serums can easily weigh hair down. Also, be sure to cleanse hair regularly to strip silicones from the hair and allow the great ingredients from your hair care products to penetrate.

The Products

In August, I am using the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk to moisturize and the Fantasia IC Coconut Oil serum to seal. I am low on the milk, so when I run out I will switch to using Soultanicals Knot Sauce. To remove silicone build up from my hair, I am using either the Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse or DevaCurl Decadence No Poo weekly to cleanse.

For a list of ingredients that will remove silicones from your hair, click here.

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