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Morning Routine

My morning routine is geared toward not wasting this time, but instead setting myself up for success. I created a morning mantra several months ago, and it helps me get moving in the morning. Instead of taking time to think and meander, I immediately begin this routine.

Take A Look!

Even when I do not run or hit the gym, this morning routine is perfect for getting my day started. I actually did not enjoy the breakfast I prepared in this video, but it was worth a try. Check out the video for a closer look at my morning routine:

My Fitness Morning Routine


The concept of hopping out of bed and immediately becoming productive used to annoy me, but now I value this routine. Instead of slowly winding up and slowly winding down, I get stuff done. I take the evenings to wind down. The morning is about productivity, health, and self care. Morning Routine

My mornings do not have to happen exactly as laid out every single day, but more often than not I follow this routine. I plan to eventually share more about the concept of connection in this routine, but my last post about journaling goes into a bit more detail.

What does your morning routine look like?

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