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I often get asked to share my favorite products or to talk about what products I am currently trying. Once upon a time I was THE product junkie that had tons of product that I knew I should use up before purchasing more, but never did. Now, I keep a running list of my favorites under the “My Staple Products” tab, but that doesn’t mean I have those products on my shelves all of the time. In my videos I sit in front of my product bookshelf, so its only natural that people wanna know what is sitting on those shelves behind me.

In fact, I now have a hard and fast rule concerning purchasing hair products. Every hair product I purchase must fit neatly on those shelves. If I have more product than can fit, I must use up product until I am back down to a reasonable amount. I am still a product junkie, because I want to be, but now I make sure I stay within the bounds of what I am able to use up in a single year.

If you are curious as to what I have and what I intend to purchase next, check out this video:

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