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Updated June 2015

I enjoy styling my hair, I change it up frequently, but my wash process pretty much stays the same. My length retention stems from keeping my regimen focused on moisture; products and techniques that detract from that goal get eliminated

Pre-Treat:  Occasionally, I will wet my hair a little with a spray bottle and apply coconut oily thoroughly to my hair. I usually let it sit for at least an hour.

Cleanse: Regularly, I hop into the shower and let the water soak my hair completely before cleansing with a moisturizing shampoo. Once a month I clarify my hair of build up.

Condition: I apply a deep conditioner  to every strand of my hair (depending on what I feel my hair needs I use a protein or moisturizing conditioner). I finger detangle as I apply the conditioner in 8 sections that I twist as I go. I then put on a plastic cap and Hot Head Thermal Conditioning cap for at least 30 minutes.


-Wash and Go: I apply a leave-in conditioner to my hair and gel on top. I will either air dry or let my hair dry for a couple of hours and then use a diffuser attachment on my blow dryer.

Twist Out/Braidout: Once I step out of the shower, I apply a leave-in and cream, and let my hair dry to at least 50%. I then apply a butter and style. I let the twists or braids dry and set for at least 24 hours before shaping and styling.

Rollerset (perm rods, curlformers, etc): Post washing, I apply a leave-in conditioner, hair serum and a generous amount of styling foam. I then set my hair on rollers and sit under a dryer until my hair is 100% dry. Once dry, I take the rollers out, separate and style my hair accordingly.


Moisturize: I moisturize my hair as needed.

Sleeping: I sleep in a satin bonnet or scarf. I always put my hair in either several pineapples, twists, braids, or a scrunchie.

Trimming: I trim my hair while in twists every three months. This prevents shed hair from mixing with split ends causing tangles and breakage. I have gone longer, but I find every 6-8 weeks works best. I cut less than a 1/4 of an inch.

I have only colored my hair once. At home I used Ion Blue Black with 10 volume developer. I will probably color it again when I make a decision and stop chickening out (I’m scrrd ya’ll)!

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