Updated August 1 , 2017

The main goal of my hair regimen is to prevent dryness, and to manipulate my hair as little as possible through the week to prevent breakage. I find that two of the culprits that lead to the most breakage with my hair type is over handling and dryness.  I wash my hair once a week, and style my hair in whatever way I see fit. I focus on the health of my hair instead of maintaining any particular style.

– Pre-Wash: I always begin my wash process with finger detangling, ALWAYS. I find that separating my ends is essential for preventing tangles once the water touches my strands. I usually use a mix of water and conditioner plus coconut oil to separate my strands with my fingers. I apply the products in sections and twist my hair up after working with each section. I specifically use coconut oil because it prevents the strands from swelling as much, which prevents dryness from cleansing. Once done, I massage a little Jamaican Black Castor Oil into my scalp and wait until the next day to style my hair.

Cleanse: I use a shampoo or cleansing conditioner to clean the product buildup and sweat off my hair and scalp. Cleansing also allows conditioners to penetrate better, so its an essential step.

Detangle: I use a rinse out conditioner with lots of slip with my fingers or a wide tooth comb. I move in sections and detangle my hair from ends to roots, then rinse the conditioner out.

Deep Condition: I deep condition after cleansing every other week. I rotate between moisture and protein. Conditioning is essential for maintaining moisture, so I always deep condition post cleansing for at least 15 minutes either with my Thermal Heat Cap or Hooded Dryer. I apply my deep conditioner thoroughly, paying close attention to the places where my hair is prone to breakage, Once the deep conditioner has had time to marinate, I rinse and style.

Style Prep: As stated above, I style my hair in many ways, but I always apply aloe vera juice or water, an oil, and a leave-in conditioner (LOC Method) before stepping out of the shower on wash day. Then what products I apply next depends on how I plan to style my hair.


  • Wash and Go’s: I always do my wash and go the same way, regardless of the product I use, but the combo of products may change depending on what styler I am using. I find smoothing and shingling works best for me, no hair tools necessary.

Twist Out, Braid Outs (wet sets): Post leave-in, I always apply a cream and butter for these styles. I usually let the style dry and set for a day before undoing. I rarely re-do the twists, braids, etc. Instead I will style my hair in a different way once it looks bad.

Protective Styles (Buns, Goddess Braids, Etc.): I apply a moisturizer and let my hair air dry in bantu knots. Once dry I style.

-Trimming: I get my hair trimmed twice a year, and trim my own ends twice a year. With my texture, having healthy ends prevents single strand knots and tangling.

 -Moisturizing: I always moisturize my hair mid-week, regardless of the style. I find after three to four days, my hair needs a good dose of moisture through wetting the hair with water, not just applying a product. I also lightly moisturize my ends daily or every other day and seal.

-Maintenance: Regardless of what style I have chosen for the week, I apply oil to my ends every night and sleep in a satin bonnet.

Click here to take a look at a list of my favorite natural hair products. Feel free to leave any questions below!

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    July 3, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    This is good! Thanks for sharing! I’m anew mom and I’m looking at how I could condense this a bit for myself.

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