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My Simple Wash Routine | Natural Hair

I like to keep my wash day enjoyable by keeping it simple. If I spend a lot of time on my hair, it will be in the styling phase as that is what I enjoy the most. Accordingly, my wash routine consists of 2 basic steps, shampoo and deep condition, with detangling in between, so the steps actually look like this:


Light detangle


Deep Condition

Thorough finger detangle


Everything after washing depends on styling. In the video above I used the Coco Curls Shampoo and Kinky Kashmere Deep Conditioner. However, I am always trying new deep conditioners because I just love what they do for my hair. Details:

  1. Rinse thoroughly. I let the shower spray soak my hair for at least 3-5 minutes before going in and separating my ends. I find my hair is most pliable when wet, so my ends separate more easily under the shower stream. I do not run my hands through my strands from root to tip, instead I focus solely on the ends.
  2. Shampoo: I always ensure that my hair is completely drenched in water before applying my cleanser. I apply the cleanser to my scalp, massage and rinse. I then re-apply the shampoo and focus on getting the length of my hair clean and product free.
  3. Once the shampoo is rinsed out, I apply deep conditioner in large sections. Then I separate my hair into four smaller sections and finger detangle thoroughly, applying more deep conditioner as I go. Once a section is detangled, I twist the section for rinsing and move on to the next. After all of my hair is detangled, I rinse twists to prevent re-tangling my hair.

I occasionally do elasticity/protein treatments, oil treatments, and clay washes. I will do a video on each of those in the near future, so be on the look out. In the mean time and between time, you can find a list of my favorite products under the My Staple Products tab at the top of the page.

What does your wash day routine consist of?

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