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Natural Hair Basics | Protein

protein conditioner

Did you know that your hair is made up of about 70% protein?

What does this mean for your hair?
Excess protein from the body pushes the hair follicles up and out. Your hair’s overall health is determined by the balance of protein and moisture residing in the hair shaft. If you are always moisturizing your hair and never give it strength, that balance may start to shift and cause mushy easily broken hair. At the same time, too much protein can lead to hard broken strands.

How do you find a good balance?
Good news! Natural hair has not been strained too much by chemical processes, so with regular protein treatments, your hair can reach a great balance in just six months. Simply use a light protein conditioner that contains hydrolyzed keratin once a month. This regular maintenance step will provide soft, moisturized hair. Continue to use a protein conditioner regularly and you will retain more length.

Natural Hair Basics | Protein


My favorites are Apogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor, Curl Junkie Repair Me and Mill Creek Botanicals Keratin Conditioner. What is your favorite light protein conditioner?

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