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Five Natural Hair Mistakes | Natural Hair Journey


Let’s face it, when your hair journey has been as long and eventful as mine, mistakes happen. I had a huge setback when my hair was relaxed, which lead me back to natural hair. However, my natural hair journey has not been without its pitfalls.

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I have enjoyed my natural hair each step of the way. There was a time I styled my hair in as many ways as possible while neglecting its care. Check out the video for more on my natural hair mistakes:

My Natural Hair Mistakes

My hair has grown since I chopped again in 2012 . However, I value the health of my hair most, and there have been a few mistakes along the way. One of my mistakes led me to recently cut 3-5 inches off my strands.

  • Not following a routine
  • Trimming way too much
  • Too much manipulation
  • Not moisturizing enough
  • Skipping the protein

However, I learned from my mistakes and now my hair is thriving. I created this video to share and possibly save you from making the same mistakes. The biggie here is moisture protein balance, don’t skip out on that.

I find that my hair can take more manipulation if I am keeping it moisturized and strong. This means that I follow a regular routine with moisture and protein. I also found the sweet spot concerning trims, and that definitely meant that my length retention improved.


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