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In my last video I talked about doing a “What’s In My Hair Product Stash” video. Well, you all loved that idea, so Voila!

Take A Look

In this video I go through all of my hair products and show how I store them. This is not a huge product stash video because I try not to horde products. As stated in the video, I store my products on this rolling cart I purchased from Target and keep it in my bathroom closet. Check out the video below for details:

My Product Stash

Yes, there are lots of products out there that I want to try, and I will probably try most of them. However, I do not have to own all of them at once. Instead I rotate in new products amongst my staples. For example, once I run out of the deep conditioners in my product stash, I will use my staple Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Deep Penetrating Treatment and then purchase new products.

I also find that a level of consistency works best for the health of my hair, so I keep Camille Rose Naturals products in my stash to rotate and rotate. Plus, now that I have a solid list of staple products, I just do not feel so much of a need to continue to search.


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