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Nubian Skin…. a different kind of nude | #BlackOutTuesday

Nubian Skin

I discovered Nubian Skin a couple of years ago when the buzz about nude lingerie for women of color was circling the internet. The company launched, and shortly thereafter I purchased a strapless bra, two t-shirt bras, and a thong from nubian skin

Of course I wanted to support a black business, but more than anything I was excited about nude colors that match MY skin. After reading a few reviews, I decided to purchase up one band size. That was the right decision, and I haven’t looked back since.

Take A Look!

Since purchasing from Nordstrom, I have purchased more bras and underwear directly from the Nubian Skin website, and received a package as shown above. Check out the video for a full review of the products I own:

Nubian Skin

nubian skin

I obviously love what I have purchased, and plan to purchase more items soon…. cause I want shoes, and all the things! Nubian Skin is a black owned brand that continues to expand its line as well as its reach through support from people like us!

Check out Nubian Skin here.


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