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Top 4 Fall and Winter Nude Nail Polish Picks for Dark Skin

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As discussed in my How I Stopped Nail Biting post, I have amassed a small nail polish collection. Within this collection I have a significant number of nudes. I gravitate toward nude nail polish because it compliments my skin and makes my nail bed look longer. Autumn and Winter are here, so today I am sharing my Top 4 Nude Nail Polish Picks for Dark Skin.

Nude Nail Polish

Polish Picks

I frequently scour the internet to find photos of dark women showcasing nail polish. However, pictures of nudes tend to be harder to find. The goal is not mannequin hands, but instead to add sophistication to a polished look. Plus, this type of polish compliments a beautifully sculpted nail any day.

Nude Nail polish is such a compliment to any woman’s wardrobe. Some women wear white nail polish every day, other’s wear black. I think these browns listed below will compliment any dark skin woman with a certain sense of style. I often contemplate just wearing shades of nude polish, but well, I also love yellow, and blue, and sparkle, and…

Top 4 Polish Picks

Deep chocolate taupes and browns scream winter, and give a necessary palette cleanser to the typical reds and greens we tend to see daily. I tend to wear my nails longer in a rounded shape, so deeper browns compliment the shape very well. My favorite two chocolate polishes this winter also have great formulas that are very forgiving. An old, but goodie, and favorite of many is OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques, while Zoya’s Gina is a newer favorite from the Zoya Nudes collection released last year. One is a cool tone brown while the other is decidedly warm.

Taupe based browns give the closest resemblance to mannequin hands, but still have enough mix of yellow to define color. My favorite taupe based brown pick for Fall, with a bit of yellow thrown in, is Zoya’s Flynn. It’s a beautiful color that wears well and can compliment the various shades of medium to dark skin tones.polish picks

Most unique of the bunch is nudes in Terra cotta family, which are an interesting mix of red, orange, and brown. As a deeper skin woman, this shade is a warm vibrant color that pops but can still reside in the nude family. My favorite is Inside The ISABELLEtway from the OPI Washington DC Collection. It’s a rich clor that stands out, yet exudes unique sophistication. Plus the formula is amazeballs!

I’m always on the lookout for a good nude, so be sure to comment below if you care to share your favorite fall and winter nude nail polish picks!

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